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22941799 Use of negative-pressure wound therapy in orthopaedic trauma.  
23152712 Mometasone implant for chronic rhinosinusitis.  
23233886 The usefulness of nasal packing with vaseline gauze and airway silicone splint after closed reduction of nasal bone fracture.  
431011 [Changes of refraction following operations with episcleral plugs and encircling procedures in cases of retinal detachment (author's transl)].  
6141244 The effects of BW755C and other anti-inflammatory drugs on eicosanoid concentrations and leukocyte accumulation in experimentally-induced acute inflammation.  
6326150 Inhibition of tissue damage by the arachidonate lipoxygenase inhibitor BW755C.  
6395060 Preoperative antibiotic soaking of silicone sponges. Does it make a difference?  
7688185 A ribonuclease inhibitor expresses anti-angiogenic properties and leads to reduced tumor growth in mice.  
7721960 Sulfate restriction induces hyposecretion of the adhesion proteoglycan and cell hypomotility associated with increased 35SO4(2-) uptake and expression of a band 3 like protein in the marine sponge, Microciona prolifera.  
7745904 National survey of pediatric fever management practices among emergency department nurses.  

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