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22287330 The efficacy of hemostatic techniques in the sheep model of carotid artery injury.  
22789405 The Effect of Mitomycin-C in Reducing Pericardial Adhesion After Cardiac Surgery in Rabbits.  
22951719 An Ex Vivo Model Employing Keloid-Derived Cell-Seeded Collagen Sponges for Therapy Development.  
23197010 The Effect of Corticosteroid Administration on Soft Tissue Inflammation Associated with rhBMP-2 use in a Rodent Model of Inflammation.  
3006690 Eicosapentaenoic acid as a modulator of inflammation. Effect on prostaglandin and leukotriene synthesis.  
3163974 The effect of fosfosal and acetylsalicylic acid on leukocyte migration and PGE2 concentration in experimentally induced acute inflammation.  
3594061 The effect of absorbable gelatin sponge on experimental microvascular anastomoses.  
7645942 New platinum complex compounds with reduced nephrotoxicity discovered in long-term histoculture of human renal cortical tissue.  
7781041 Adherence, proliferation and collagen turnover by human fibroblasts seeded into different types of collagen sponges.  
8480541 Macrolide antibiotics as antiinflammatory agents: roxithromycin in an unexpected role.  

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