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10434188 Immobilization of enzymes on spongy polyvinyl alcohol cryogels: the example of beta-galactosidase from Aspergillus oryzae.  
10718765 Comparative In vitro evaluation of two different preparations of small diameter polyurethane vascular grafts.  
10792043 Rapid transition in the structure of a coral reef community: the effects of coral bleaching and physical disturbance.  
10886813 Mechanical loading regulates protease production by fibroblasts in three-dimensional collagen substrates.  
12370845 L-Arginine supplementation enhances diabetic wound healing: involvement of the nitric oxide synthase and arginase pathways.  
1284007 [Changes in antiproteolytic activity in the blood and cervical mucus after superovulation stimulation].  
14502401 A microtiter plate assay for screening antioxidant activity in extracts of marine organisms.  
15348233 The influence of crosslinking agents and diamines on the pore size, morphology and the biological stability of collagen sponges and their effect on cell penetration through the sponge matrix.  
15518543 Tumor cells resistant to a microtubule-depolymerizing hemiasterlin analogue, HTI-286, have mutations in alpha- or beta-tubulin and increased microtubule stability.  
16919327 EDC cross-linking improves skin substitute strength and stability.  

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