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11178697 Evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma after treatment with transcatheter arterial chemoembolization: comparison of Lipiodol-CT, power Doppler sonography, and dynamic MRI.  
11503064 Effects of experimental manipulation of pH and salinity on Cd(2+) uptake by the sponge Microciona prolifera and on sponge cell aggregation induced by Ca(2+) and Cd(2+).  
12423909 In vitro sponge fragment culture of Chondrosia reniformis (Nardo, 1847).  
15246369 Monitoring the effect of PEGylation on polyethylenimine in vivo using nuclear imaging technique.  
15543529 Exploring polyethylenimine-mediated DNA transfection and the proton sponge hypothesis.  
16260126 Modified conventional hard gelatin capsules as fast disintegrating dosage form in the oral cavity.  
16513333 Parameters affecting the drug release from in situ gelling nasal inserts.  
17147650 Interstitial fluids associated with wound repair support proliferation but not differentiation of neonatal rat myoblasts in vitro.  
17334228 Psammaplin A is a natural prodrug that inhibits class I histone deacetylase.  
18454276 Brazilian marine sponge Polymastia janeirensis induces apoptotic cell death in human U138MG glioma cell line, but not in a normal cell culture.  

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