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10090835 Glucocorticoid-dependent impairment of wound healing in experimental diabetes: amelioration by adrenalectomy and RU 486.  
10231662 Inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis in wounds: pharmacology and effect on accumulation of collagen in wounds in mice.  
10233850 Role of elevated plasma transforming growth factor-beta1 levels in wound healing.  
10357265 Polyelectroylte complex composed of chitosan and sodium alginate for wound dressing application.  
10436535 [Keratinocyte transplantation and tissue engineering. New approaches in treatment of chronic wounds].  
10643644 Pinealectomy-induced elevation of collagen content in the intact skin is suppressed by melatonin application.  
10683192 Wound collagen deposition in rats: effects of an NO-NSAID and a selective COX-2 inhibitor.  
10689630 Use of fibrin adhesive to reduce post-surgical adhesion reformation in rabbits.  
10810036 Growth hormone does not attenuate the inhibitory effects of sepsis on wound healing.  
10840365 Insulin and glucocorticoid-dependent suppression of the IGF-I system in diabetic wounds.  

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