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8986462 Interactions between tissues engaged in wound repair and skeletal muscle regeneration.  
8989298 Acute protein-calorie malnutrition impairs wound healing: a possible role of decreased wound nitric oxide synthesis.  
9076955 Fibrotic healing of adult and late gestation fetal wounds correlates with increased hyaluronidase activity and removal of hyaluronan.  
9142149 Diabetes-impaired healing and reduced wound nitric oxide synthesis: a possible pathophysiologic correlation.  
9261677 A new anti-infective collagen dressing containing antibiotics.  
9284092 Regulation of pigmentation in cultured skin substitutes by cytometric sorting of melanocytes and keratinocytes.  
9502617 Thalidomide reduces vascular density in granulation tissue of subcutaneously implanted polyvinyl alcohol sponges in guinea pigs.  
9539093 Tacrolimus impairs wound healing: a possible role of decreased nitric oxide synthesis.  
9880419 Effectiveness of collagen-gentamicin implant for treatment of "dirty" abdominal wounds.  
9973320 Sustained microgravity reduces intrinsic wound healing and growth factor responses in the rat.  

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