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19816308 Gossypiboma after mandibular contouring surgery.  
1984639 Beneficial actions of exogenous hyaluronic acid on wound healing.  
20084702 Management of traumatic war wounds using vacuum-assisted closure dressings in an austere environment.  
20214176 Comparative efficacy and safety results of topical hemostatic powder and sterile compressed foam sponge in second intention healing following Mohs micrographic surgery.  
20370422 In vivo angiogenic activity of enamel matrix derivative.  
2038183 The wound environment as a regulator of fibroblast phenotype.  
20647009 COL1A1 oligodeoxynucleotides decoy: biochemical and morphologic effects in an acute wound repair model.  
20855943 Epimorphic regeneration in mice is p53-independent.  
20926017 Effect of local gentamicin application on healing and wound infection in patients with modified radical mastectomy: a prospective randomized study.  
21170416 Pyrvinium, a potent small molecule Wnt inhibitor, promotes wound repair and post-MI cardiac remodeling.  

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