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23261430 Nox4 modulates collagen production stimulated by transforming growth factor β1 in vivo and in vitro.  
2455332 Granulation tissue formation and metabolism of zinc and copper in alloxan-diabetic rats.  
2562644 The diabetic rat as an impaired wound healing model: stimulatory effects of transforming growth factor-beta and basic fibroblast growth factor.  
2911630 Analysis of fibrogenic processes in denervated tissues of spinal cord injury patients.  
3255729 Growth factors bFGF and TGB beta accelerate the rate of wound repair in normal and in diabetic rats.  
3498859 Epidermal growth factor increases granulation tissue formation dose dependently.  
3798030 Effects of zinc oxide in an occlusive, adhesive dressing on granulation tissue formation.  
3973142 Dermal wound repair: role of collagen matrix implants and synthetic polymer dressings.  
4096653 [Features of the healing of suppurative wounds in patients undergoing treatment with collagen preparations (histochemical and electron-microscopic study)].  
6113740 The role of histamine in wound healing. II. The effect of antagonists and agonists of histamine receptors (H1 and H2) on collagen levels in granulation tissue.  

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