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10753285 Adenoviral-mediated expression of antisense RNA to basic fibroblast growth factor reduces tangential stress in arterialized vein grafts.  
10891245 A concise synthesis of topsentin A and nortopsentins B and D.  
10986099 First total synthesis of dragmacidin A via indolylglycines.  
11009377 A facile synthesis of dragmacidin B and 2,5-bis(6'-bromo-3'-indolyl)piperazine.  
11280784 Up-Regulation of Bcl-2 in microvascular endothelial cells enhances intratumoral angiogenesis and accelerates tumor growth.  
11336307 EGF containing gelatin-based wound dressings.  
11681936 Total synthesis and determination of the absolute configuration of coscinosulfate. A new selective inhibitor of Cdc25 protein phosphatase.  
11749630 Total synthesis of microtubule-stabilizing agent (-)-laulimalide.  
11796018 The effect of sepsis on wound healing.  
11893191 Synthesis of marine sponge bisindole alkaloids dihydrohamacanthins.  

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