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10602078 Mouse fibroblasts in long-term culture within collagen three-dimensional scaffolds: influence of crosslinking with diphenylphosphorylazide on matrix reorganization, growth, and biosynthetic and proteolytic activities.  
12947279 Ex vivo gene therapy with adenovirus-mediated transforming growth factor beta1 expression for endovascular treatment of aneurysm: results in a canine bilateral aneurysm model.  
15389636 Sustained Wnt protein expression in chondral constructs from mesenchymal stem cells.  
16405073 Long-term maintenance of liver-specific functions in cultured ES cell-derived hepatocytes with hyaluronan sponge.  
4463206 Biochemical control of fresh-water sponge development: effect on DNA, RNA and protein synthesis of an inhibitor secreted by the sponge.  
7536008 Long-term maintenance of liver-specific functions in three-dimensional culture of adult rat hepatocytes with a porous gelatin sponge support.  
8342995 Macrophages produce nitric oxide at allograft sites.  
9514641 V antigen of Yersinia pestis inhibits neutrophil chemotaxis.  

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