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11470249 Isolation and NMR characterization of rosacelose, a novel sulfated polysaccharide from the sponge Mixylla rosacea.  
11720531 Clathsterol, a novel anti-HIV-1 RT sulfated sterol from the sponge Clathria species.  
12713420 Callysponginol sulfate A, an MT1-MMP inhibitor isolated from the marine sponge Callyspongia truncata.  
12762803 Brominated polyacetylenes from the Philippines sponge Diplastrella sp.  
14959 Distribution of sulfated mucopolysaccharides in invertebrates.  
16173756 Axinelloside A, an unprecedented highly sulfated lipopolysaccharide inhibiting telomerase, from the marine sponge, Axinella infundibula.  
18582376 Three-dimensional culture of human meniscal cells: extracellular matrix and proteoglycan production.  
19178162 Bioactive sulfated sesterterpene alkaloids and sesterterpene sulfates from the marine sponge Fasciospongia sp.  
19395676 Sulfated polysaccharides from marine sponges (Porifera): an ancestor cell-cell adhesion event based on the carbohydrate-carbohydrate interaction.  
1991147 Isolation and characterization of cell adhesion molecules from the marine sponge, Ophlitaspongia tenuis.  

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