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10939281 Screening marine natural products for selective inhibitors of key kynurenine pathway enzymes.  
15522313 Wound fluid inhibits wound fibroblast nitric oxide synthesis.  
16104736 Total synthesis of dictyodendrin B.  
19395676 Sulfated polysaccharides from marine sponges (Porifera): an ancestor cell-cell adhesion event based on the carbohydrate-carbohydrate interaction.  
19877906 Synthetic extracellular matrix supports healing of mucogingival surgery donor sites.  
21858907 Sponge biosilica formation involves syneresis following polycondensation in vivo.  
2548717 Antitumor activity and nucleic acid binding properties of dercitin, a new acridine alkaloid isolated from a marine Dercitus species sponge.  
9647441 Perfusion enhances functions of bone marrow stromal cells in three-dimensional culture.  
9827688 Influence of magnesium substitution on a collagen-apatite biomaterial on the production of a calcifying matrix by human osteoblasts.  

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