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1350964 Production of the cytostatic agent aeroplysinin by the sponge Verongia aerophoba in in vitro culture.  
15255724 Reaction of bromomethylazoles and tosylmethyl isocyanide. A novel heterocyclization method for the synthesis of the core of marine alkaloids variolins and related azolopyrimidines.  
15522313 Wound fluid inhibits wound fibroblast nitric oxide synthesis.  
15603779 Nucleation of biomimetic apatite in synthetic body fluids: dense and porous scaffold development.  
15885494 Biosilica formation in spicules of the sponge Suberites domuncula: synchronous expression of a gene cluster.  
16172408 ADP-ribosyl cyclases generate two unusual adenine homodinucleotides with cytotoxic activity on mammalian cells.  
16494463 Total synthesis of (+)-mycalamide A.  
16517661 Discovery of a new source of rifamycin antibiotics in marine sponge actinobacteria by phylogenetic prediction.  
18081864 Poly(silicate)-metabolizing silicatein in siliceous spicules and silicasomes of demosponges comprises dual enzymatic activities (silica polymerase and silica esterase).  
18184009 Total synthesis of (+)- and (-)-duryne: a potent anticancer agent from the marine sponge Cribrochalina dura. Establishment of the central double bond geometry and the absolute configuration of the chiral centers.  

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