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17708383 Nitric oxide restores impaired healing in normoglycaemic diabetic rats.  
17898890 Some recent advances in the synthesis of polycyclic imidazole-containing marine natural products.  
17923240 Isolation and identification of eukaryotic initiation factor 4A as a molecular target for the marine natural product Pateamine A.  
18054370 A facile and efficient synthesis of some (6E)-hydroximino-4-en-3-one steroids, steroidal oximes from Cinachyrella spp. sponges.  
18081257 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 10,11-dihydrodictyostatin, a potent analogue of the marine anticancer agent dictyostatin.  
18254636 Rapid assembly of the polyhydroxylated beta-amino acid constituents of microsclerodermins C, D, and E.  
18484539 Girolline: a potential lead structure for antiplasmodial drug research.  
18728285 Induction of apoptosis in human cancer cells by candidaspongiolide, a novel sponge polyketide.  
18800848 Total synthesis and biological evaluation of the marine bromopyrrole alkaloid dispyrin: elucidation of discrete molecular targets with therapeutic potential.  
18928282 Extending pummerer reaction chemistry. Application to the total synthesis of (+/-)-dibromoagelaspongin.  

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