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22168797 Discovery and synthesis of namalide reveals a new anabaenopeptin scaffold and peptidase inhibitor.  
22504866 The stereocontrolled total synthesis of spirastrellolide A methyl ester. Expedient construction of the key fragments.  
22614862 Synthesis and bioactivity of secondary metabolites from marine sponges containing dibrominated indolic systems.  
22629313 Chemical inhibition of bacterial protein tyrosine phosphatase suppresses capsule production.  
22871741 An anti-let-7 sponge decoys and decays endogenous let-7 functions.  
22872318 Fluorescent analogs of the marine natural product psammaplin A: synthesis and biological activity.  
22879939 TGFβ-stimulated microRNA-21 utilizes PTEN to orchestrate AKT/mTORC1 signaling for mesangial cell hypertrophy and matrix expansion.  
22998443 Selectivity, cocrystal structures, and neuroprotective properties of leucettines, a family of protein kinase inhibitors derived from the marine sponge alkaloid leucettamine B.  
23270219 [Advance in studies on mechanism of active anti-tumor compounds from sponge].  
2833314 Characterization of CGS 8515 as a selective 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor using in vitro and in vivo models.  

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