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10501915 Antiangiogenic potential of camptothecin and topotecan.  
1127832 Effects of gentamicin on the thyroid function of rats.  
1457607 Haemopoietic long-term bone marrow cultures from adult mice show osteogenic capacity in vitro on 3-dimensional collagen sponges.  
22367004 Self-assembled RNA interference microsponges for efficient siRNA delivery.  
22798193 Hydrophilic gelatin and hyaluronic acid-treated PLGA scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.  
22872318 Fluorescent analogs of the marine natural product psammaplin A: synthesis and biological activity.  
23000009 Oligobenzylethylenimine enriches linear polyethylenimine with a pH-sensitive membrane-disruptive property and leads to enhanced gene delivery activity.  
3319377 Acceleration of cartilage and bone differentiation on collagenous substrata.  
447481 The effect of vitamin A on the migration and DNA synthesis of rat bladder tumor cell line NBT II in culture.  
576563 Cyclophosphamide effect on collagen metabolism in granulation tissue, skin, and aorta of rats.  

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