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15603779 Nucleation of biomimetic apatite in synthetic body fluids: dense and porous scaffold development.  
17628661 Fractal-related assembly of the axial filament in the demosponge Suberites domuncula: relevance to biomineralization and the formation of biogenic silica.  
18690486 Convergent antifouling activities of structurally distinct bioactive compounds synthesized within two sympatric Haliclona demosponges.  
19195897 Discovery, design, and synthesis of anti-metastatic lead phenylmethylene hydantoins inspired by marine natural products.  
20308112 Novel synthesis strategies for natural polymer and composite biomaterials as potential scaffolds for tissue engineering.  
21284806 Silintaphin-1--interaction with silicatein during structure-guiding bio-silica formation.  
21441324 Core and intact polar glycerol dibiphytanyl glycerol tetraether lipids of ammonia-oxidizing archaea enriched from marine and estuarine sediments.  
21828717 A novel and simple approach to enhance ultraviolet photosensitivity: activated-carbon-assisted growth of ZnO¬†nanoparticles.  
9036987 Nitric oxide, an autocrine regulator of wound fibroblast synthetic function.  

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