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11938458 Syngeneic central nervous system transplantation of genetically transduced mature, adult astrocytes.  
12620834 Luminescence resonance energy transfer-based high-throughput screening assay for inhibitors of essential protein-protein interactions in bacterial RNA polymerase.  
16895476 Development of a red-shifted fluorescence-based assay for SARS-coronavirus 3CL protease: identification of a novel class of anti-SARS agents from the tropical marine sponge Axinella corrugata.  
19206292 Contact electrochemical replication of hydrophilic-hydrophobic monolayer patterns.  
20700376 Natural products in modern life science.  
2219289 Dissociation of tissue destruction induced by cytolytic T cells in vivo and cytotoxicity as measured in vitro.  
23173580 Strategies to deliver microRNAs as potential therapeutics in the treatment of cardiovascular pathology.  

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