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10734400 The ovine uterus as a host for in vitro-produced bovine embryos.  
12067387 Cross-contamination of carcasses and equipment during pork processing.  
12234341 Comparative surface-to-hand and fingertip-to-mouth transfer efficiency of gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, and phage.  
12975137 The effect of 2 sealants (FloSeal and Tisseel) on fasciocutaneous flap revascularization.  
15521716 Effect of GnRH injection timing in the production of pronuclear-stage zygotes used for DNA microinjection.  
16725455 Non-surgical embryo transfer in cattle.  
16726940 Embryo losses in Rasa Aragonesa ewes actively immunized against androstenedione or passively immunized against testosterone.  
16728102 Embryo cloning in sheep: work in progress.  
17066911 Presence of Salmonella in the red meat abattoir lairage after routine cleansing and disinfection and on carcasses.  
17423373 La récolte et le transfert d'embryons chez la chèvre Angora.  

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