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10208438 Increased E1AF expression in mouse fibrosarcoma promotes metastasis through induction of MT1-MMP expression.  
2071540 Spontaneous acquisition of tumorigenicity and invasiveness by mouse lens explant cells during culture in vitro.  
21544815 Targeting of pancreatic and prostate cancer stem cell characteristics by Crambe crambe marine sponge extract.  
3192337 Growth and metastasis of human tumors in nude mice following tumor-cell inoculation into a vascularized polyurethane sponge matrix.  
6955545 Role of anchorage in the expression of tumorigenicity of untransformed mouse cell lines.  
8353836 Iterative chromosome mutation and selection as a mechanism of complete transformation of human diploid fibroblasts by SV40 T antigen.  
9846281 [Induction of manganese superoxide dismutase by an immunopotentiator as a mechanism of inhibiting of malignant progression of murine tumor cells].  

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