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Amended final report on the safety assessment of polyacrylamide and acrylamide residues in cosmetics.1615491445 
Final report on the safety assessment of potassium silicate, sodium metasilicate, and sodium silicate.1598173445 
Final report of the safety assessment of methacrylic acid.1659676844 
Pharmacological and therapeutic properties of valproate: a summary after 35 years of clinical experience.1226986244 
Perinatal exposure to the phthalates DEHP, BBP, and DINP, but not DEP, DMP, or DOTP, alters sexual differentiation of the male rat.1109964743 
Correlation of sperm and endocrine measures with reproductive success in rodents.266698943 
Selenium--its biological perspectives.823199543 
Effects of subchronic exposure to a complex mixture of persistent contaminants in male rats: systemic, immune, and reproductive effects.1196122642 
Environmental toxicology and health effects associated with dinitrotoluene exposure.1467251542 
A dose-response analysis of methoxychlor-induced alterations of reproductive development and function in the rat.292502242 

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