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20923008 Developing and characterizing a mouse model of hepatotoxicity using oral pyrrolizidine alkaloid (monocrotaline) administration, with potentiation of the liver injury by co-administration of LPS.  
16901601 Genotoxicity testing of a Salacia oblonga extract.  
1021156 Lindholm blood coagulation test values of some glow-discharge polymer surfaces.  
1522616 Toxicokinetics of mercuric chloride and methylmercuric chloride in mice.  
16599847 Evaluation of an immunoassay of whole blood sirolimus in pediatric transplant patients in comparison with high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.  
9329634 Biomonitoring of possible human exposure to environmental genotoxic chemicals: lessons from a study following the wreck of the oil tanker Braer.  
19671244 Validated ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for analyzing LSD, iso-LSD, nor-LSD, and O-H-LSD in blood and urine.  
10543020 Physiologically based toxicokinetic modeling of inhaled ethyl tertiary-butyl ether in humans.  
17498775 Carnitine, acylcarnitine and amino acid profiles analyzed by tandem mass spectrometry in a surfactant/virus mouse model of acute hepatic encephalopathy.  
19193394 Increased concentrations of serum inhibin B among male workers with long-term moderate lead exposure.  

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