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10071983 A limited-sampling strategy for estimation of etoposide pharmacokinetics in cancer patients.  
10194542 Sparse-data set analysis for irinotecan and SN-38 pharmacokinetics in cancer patients co-treated with cisplatin.  
10283160 Working safely with ethylene oxide.  
10334208 Effects of Ni(II) and Cu(II) on DNA interaction with the N-terminal sequence of human protamine P2: enhancement of binding and mediation of oxidative DNA strand scission and base damage.  
10353387 Use of non-mammalian species in bioassays for carcinogenicity.  
10365658 Cardiac resistance to adriamycin in transgenic mice expressing a rat alpha-cardiac myosin heavy chain/human multiple drug resistance 1 fusion gene.  
10379810 The toxicology of hydroquinone--relevance to occupational and environmental exposure.  
10382559 Nickel.  
10389918 High inter- and intrapatient variation in 5-fluorouracil plasma concentrations during a prolonged drug infusion.  
10421071 A simple mouse model for leptomeningeal metastases and repeated intrathecal therapy.  

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