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10696790 The reproductive and developmental toxicity of the antifungal drug Nyotran (liposomal nystatin) in rats and rabbits.  
10711397 Genetic polymorphisms in ethanol metabolism: issues and goals for physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling.  
10717353 Evaluation of a subchronic (13-week) oral toxicity study, preceded by an in utero exposure phase, with arachidonic acid oil derived from Mortierella alpina in rats.  
10739051 Dioxins: WHO's tolerable daily intake (TDI) revisited.  
10798215 Effects of bleomycin on liver antioxidant enzymes and the electron transport system from ad libitum-fed and dietary-restricted female and male Fischer 344 rats.  
10847478 Growth inhibition of liver metastases by the anti-angiogenic drug TNP-470.  
10933942 Evaluation of the biodistribution, persistence, toxicity, and potential of germ-line transmission of a replication-competent human adenovirus following intraprostatic administration in the mouse.  
10999727 Phase II trial of interleukin 2, interferon alpha, and 5-fluorouracil in metastatic renal cell cancer: a cytokine working group study.  
11020652 Effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to styrene dimers and trimers on reproductive function in rats.  
11021518 Environmental exposure to dioxin: the Seveso experience.  

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