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10022274 Xenoendocrine disrupters: laboratory studies on male reproductive effects.  
10022302 Molecular and genetic basis of normal and toxicant-induced apoptosis in female germ cells.  
10065088 [Endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogenicity].  
10097255 Lack of effects of recombinant human GH on spermatogenesis in the adult cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis).  
10188191 Environmental antiandrogens: low doses of the fungicide vinclozolin alter sexual differentiation of the male rat.  
10188192 Peripubertal exposure to the antiandrogenic fungicide, vinclozolin, delays puberty, inhibits the development of androgen-dependent tissues, and alters androgen receptor function in the male rat.  
10212706 Occupational health survey on workers exposed to 2-bromopropane at low concentrations.  
10336018 Recent biochemical approaches to post-testicular, epididymal contraception.  
10467719 Effects of organochlorine xenobiotics on human spermatozoa.  
10491793 An assessment of fertility in male workers exposed to molinate.  

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