Dragon Translation initiation site Spotter (DTS) Ver:1.1.1 [2018-03-28.1123]  
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The following steps are required in order to obtain predictions for TIS in the supplied sequences.

  • Step 1.
    Provide the DNA sequence(s) to the system. You may upload the file with the sequences in fasta format. Alternatively you can paste these fasta formatted sequences in the text area provided on the sequence submission page.
  • Step 2.
    Click the Submit button. After the classification is finished a link to download the results will be available. These results will be in tab separated values (TSV) file format.

    Next figure shows a result example.

    Note. The Dragon TIS spotter only displays positively predicted TIS locations.


    The first column shows the sequence number processed by the system. In the second column, represents the first nucleotide of the TIS (A) relative to the 5' of the plus strand. Positive and negative scores represent the confidence of the prediction by the model that the predicted TIS is a real one (positive score) or the false one (negative score).

    The usage of the system requires the following:

    Sequences must be of at least 300 bp in length. Shorter sequences will not be processed and will be silently discarded.

    The predictions are based on the window content that assumes TIS being located on positions 150-152 counted from the 5' end of the window sequence.

    The next figure shows an example of a long sequence that contains two candidate TIS trinucleotides (ATG).

To use this application please start by submitting sequences.

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