Dragon Translation initiation site Spotter (DTS) Ver:1.1.1 [2018-03-28.1123]  
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Release notes (Release 1.1)

Version 1.1 of Dragon TIS Spotter implements several improvements

  • Minor stability and performance issues are addressed
  • Improved training and testing datasets were created by eliminating a small number (about 1% of the total) of highly similar sequences from the original Arabidopsis datasets in order to obtain a more robust predictive model. Datasets are available in Data and Code tab.
  • Original model is modified resulting in significantly improved specificity. The model structure is unchanged but its parameters are as a result of re-training on new data.
  • The previous version of DTS web application, the code and data used can be accessed here.

The model's performance is as follows:

Arabidopsis: accuracy 91.5%, sensitivity 90.2%, specificity 92.8% (these results are obtained on the test set, i.e. data not used for training).

Grape and poplar:

Chromosome Total ATG True TIS False positive predictions True positive predictions Sensitivity Specificity
Grape Chr1 627733 762 18048 482 63.3% 97.1%
Grape Chr2 681884 684 19226 434 63.50% 97.2%
Poplar 1266018 1574 36045 1231 78.2% 97.2%

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