Dragon Translation initiation site Spotter (DTS) Ver:1.1.1 [2018-03-28.1123]  
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Code, Feature list and Data

The binary file containing the "Dragon TIS Spotter" implementation can be found here. This binary file was compiled under Ubuntu Linux 10.10, as a 64 bit application.

Features used by the "Dragon TIS Spotter" can be found here.

To obtain, view and compile the source code in C computer language of the Dragon TIS Spotter program please follow the steps below.

We assume you are using a Linux based platform.

  • Download the source code contained in file Dragon_TIS_Spotter_source_code.tar.gz

  • Extract or inflate the Dragon_TIS_Spotter_source_code.tar.gz file using "tar" as follows "tar -xzf Dragon_TIS_Spotter_source_code.tar.gz". This will create a directory named "Dragon_TIS_Spotter_source_code", the C source and header files will be contained within.

  • Change the working directory to the newly created directory "Dragon_TIS_Spotter_source_code" by issuing the command.

    "cd Dragon_TIS_Spotter_source_code"

    Now create the binaries by executing


    This will generate the binaries of the Dragon TIS Spotter application in the current directory.

  • To process fasta formatted input sequences file use.
    ./DTS -f -i <sourcefile.fasta> -o <outputfile>
    For example
    ./DTS -f -i my_fasta_formatted_sequences_file.fasta -o predicted_results.txt;

    To process raw sequences (headerless one line per sequence formatted input sequences file) use.
    ./DTS -i <sourcefile> -o <outputfile>
    For example
    ./DTS -i my_raw_sequences_file -o predicted_results.txt;

The positive and negative datasets consisting of 300 nucleotide long sequences used in the training and evaluation of the models are available.

To obtain these datasets the following steps are required.

  • Download the sequences in file Dragon_TIS_data_for_model_building.tar.gz

  • Extract or inflate the Dragon_TIS_data_for_model_building.tar.gz file using "tar" as follows "tar -xzf Dragon_TIS_data_for_model_building.tar.gz". This will create a directory named "Dragon_TIS_data_for_model_building", containing the positive sequences in file "at_pos_dic2013.txt" and the negative sequences in file "at_neg_dic2013.txt"

Genomic and annotation data from Vitis Vinifera chromosomes 1 and 2 used for model evaluation are available here.

Genomic and annotation data from Populus Trichocarpa chromosome 1 for model evaluation are available here.

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