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Search INDIGO. Enter names, identifiers or keywords for genes, proteins, pathways, ontology terms, (e.g. glmS, glycolysis,heavy metal argS ) etc.


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INDIGO enables the integration of annotations for the exploration and analysis of newly sequenced microbial genomes.Start exploring INDIGO using keyword search, a more user-controlled Querybuilder search or try out BLAST interface to INDIGO genes.

Gene annotations in INDIGO are derived from a variety of biological databases including: UniProt, NR, KEGG, CDD, Interpro, GO. Read more

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INDIGO derives Domains and Gene Ontology annotation from searches against InterPro databases. Read more

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INDIGO derives Pathways information from BLAST against KEGG and Uniprot. Read more

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Perl, Python, Ruby and  &  Java API

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Access our INDIGO data via our Application Programming Interface (API) too! We provide client libraries in the following languages: